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I help businesses implement positive change in attitude and workplace culture to mitigate risk and improve performance.



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Tom Krause is an executive coach and business advisor. He specializes in working with leaders to understand behaviors that negatively affect business performance and contribute to workplace failure. He then helps them with implementing positive change in attitude and culture to mitigate risk and improve performance.


​Tom's cumulative experience working with organizations on growth strategies and operational improvement includes serving in executive, leadership, and functional roles in:

  • Organizational behavior modification

  • Client retention

  • Process improvement and measurement

  • Enterprise information services delivery 

  • Business performance and measurement

  • Cyber and physical security risk mitigation 

  • Business development

Tom has previously served as an adjunct faculty, where he taught courses in global business, strategic management, organizational behavior, information security management, project management, and marketing. His not-for-profit board service includes founder and president, vice president, and at-large director for program development and educational outreach.


​Along with being a Certified Professional Coach and owner of LatticeQ LLC, Tom is a certified Energy Leadership Index - Master Practitioner, Certified Information Systems Security Professional, and holds a certification in risk and information systems control. Tom graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Science degree from Indiana Wesleyan University before going on to earn a Master of Science in Management.


Tom is an organizational strategist and speaker with over thirty years of business and leadership experience connecting private companies, social service organizations, religious institutions, and government agencies with innovative approaches to bring about change and growth.

Tom’s speaking topics, interests, and consulting experience include:

  • Positive Attitude Leadership

  • Planning and Managing Transition

  • Building Trust in an Untrusting Workplace

  • Transforming Workplace Values 

  • Improving Communications and Relationships

  • Solving a Toxic Work Culture 

  • Risk-based Governance

Critical Questions to Consider

What were the signs of business deterioration and low moral that leaders should have been able to see?

What could leaders have done differently?


The Tom Krause Attitude Checkup channel on YouTube is about helping professionals reach their business and life goals. 
Henry Ford said, "If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got." Most leaders get this. But what I've learned in 40 years of business management and leadership experience, is that leaders have trouble understanding how to make a positive shift, so that they communicate the right message, with the right attitude to get a strategically different response.
The Attitude Checkup Channel is about helping managers and others:
1. Recognizing common demotivating behaviors 
2. How attitude changes under stress
2. Understand how attitude impacts results
3. Strategies for engaging for positive outcomes


Click on my most recent videos below or go directly to my YouTube Channel here  for all my videos and bonus material.

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Attitude Checkup Channel
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